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Why work with a blogger?

Bloggers aren't just writers they are great story tellers, they influence, they inspire, they help make your travel dreams a reality. They don't just describe a destination or product, they help you envisage yourself there through their eyes. This in turn creates and builds wonderful relationships with readers which interact with you throughout your entire experience. 

Why work with us? 

We have been working in the tourism world for over 3 years, specialising in Sales & Marketing for tour operators, organising events in Gibraltar within the MICE industries and have led various projects in niche industries such as birding, sports, education and photography. 

We are always interested in working with new destinations, accommodations and different brands in order to learn more about the tourism industry worldwide. 

We can help you with any project involving:

- Advertising on our Blog - through branded content posts or via banner and video ads, get your message across to over 1,000 reads a month. 

- Advertising through our Social Media sites - With a combined following of over 2,500 people over five different platforms, let your brand be noticed through our advertising channels. 

- Press Trips - Are you organising an event you need more exposure on? Is it something you want to promote to all travel seekers out there? 

- Product Reviews - Whether you sell torches, camping gear, backpacks or wash bags, we will review it for you and post the review on all our sites! Get your brand out there.

- Hostel / Hotel Reviews - Currently based in Gibraltar and therefore can view hotels in the region. 

- Tour / Sightseeing Reviews  - Thinking of launching a new product or have one worth telling a story over? Get in touch. 

- Food and niche market reviews - We LOVE food, its not a vital aspect of everyone's lives, its something we enjoy spending time over... have a meal you want to promote? Email us. 

How can you get hold of us?

We are currently based in Gibraltar and would love to hear from you! You can contact us via email on info@thetravelpostbox.com or through our social media sites: FacebookTwitterInstagramGoogle+ and Pinterest!  


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