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Tiger Kingdom Chiang Mai Thailand

Written By The Travelling Postcard on 14 July 2014 | 18:56

If you decide to visit Chiang Mai you must visit Tiger Kingdom on the outskirts of the city. A taxi ride from the centre will cost you around 150 baht pp in a group of 4 and will take around 30 minutes to arrive.

Tiger Kingdom 

Once you arrive you will be greeted with a big foyer with screens indicating which package you wish to purchase, make sure you arrive at around midday, this way you will evade the morning rush and will also beat the afternoon crowd.

The experience starts with the package options, you can decide to visit the smallest cubs to the largest tigers. Each with it's own pricing schedules. The bigger you went the cheaper the experience.  We decided to go for the bigger tigers as we had already experienced small tigers in Europe, we paid a total of 400 baht each and that allowed you a 15/20 minute visit. Once you purchase your package you will be placed on a order list which is dislayed all around the complex. Once your number appears the keeper will call you into the tiger complex.

The Moment we met a Tiger

The experience itself is unique and special, the initial nerves soon faded once we met our tiger, a female who was just eagerly waiting for her lunch to soon arrive. At that point we just hoped we weren't it!

If you have the chance to visit you won't be disappointed. The experience is fantastic, even though you only get 20 minutes that will be more than enough to pet the tiger and even tickle his tail.  The keepers make you feel welcome and you can immediately sense that the tigers are not drugged in any way, they are just given a healthy (and filling) diet. 

Our Tiger Selfie! 
Take as much photos as you can the keeper will surely help you out and take the best picture with the big cat! 

Stay in touch as we write about our elephant experience in Laos, another experience for the books!

Safe travels

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