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About Us

Welcome to The Travelling Postcard... Any postcard has two sides, the same as these individuals, we like to work hard but we also love to travel.
Our years to travel are many and we want to share this with the world. After having studied respective degrees in Business Management and Tourism we both searched for new opportunities whilst working in a DMC, what we did next?
Well travel of course! Currently, we are just in the process of finalising all details for travel, managed to save enough money to get us just about round South East Asia (we hope!), decided to quit our stable jobs in the tourism industry and about to leave in 3 weeks time! 

Fun Facts about Shereen

1. I come from  a tiny place called
Gibraltar that sits at the entrance to the Mediterranean Sea.
2. I am bilingual in English and Spanish and have paella during the week and roast on Sundays.
3. I am scared of heights...and chickens!

4. I'm a Marketing enthusiast, love to travel & cannot survive without cake. 

5. I'm a Leo. 

Motto's - What I live by 

1. Take the Plunge to Travel the World. It took me seven years to build up the courage!
2. Have no regrets. You Only Live Once.
3. The World is a Book and those who do not Travel read only One Page - Agustine  
4. Always trust your gut and your parents!
5. Everyday is a second chance, a new beginning, turn them into Opportunities.
6. Travel, when you can, for how long you can!

The Bucket List 

For our full version of our Bucket List, please click here
For a snippet as to our Travel Bucket List, read below:

- Visit all 7 continents
- Be in two places at once 
- Take a 1 month tour of Italy. Starting in Venice ending in the Amalfi Coast. 
- Ride an Elephant in Thailand 
- Swim with the Dolphins 
- Pet a Tiger in India 
- Meet a Penguin 
- See the Northern Lights 
- Stay in a Berber camp in the middle of the Sahara 
- Visit New Caledonia 
- Couchsurf at least once
- Help protect an endangered species 

How you can get hold of me? 

 You can contact me via email on info@thetravelpostbox.com or through my social media sites: 
Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+ and Pinterest

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