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Updated! - It's time we organised a Bucket List ... Our List.

Written By The Travelling Postcard on 14 April 2014 | 08:32

So New Year's 2014 came along and Dylan and I decided to start working on the Bucket List. I am a huge fan of lists, all sort's of lists, lists that sometimes I never get to finish, then  we realised that one of the few lists we could organise that never needed an ending was a Bucket List. 
Organising a specific post for the list is great as we will always be able to update it! So here goes, the start of Our List: 

- Visit all 7 continents
- Be in two places at once 
- Take a 1 month tour of Italy. Starting in Venice ending in the Amalfi Coast. 
- Ride an Elephant inAsia   Completed 28/03/14 in Luang Prabang, Laos
- Swim with the Dolphins 
- Pet a Tiger  Completed 01/04/14 in Chiang Mai, Thailand 
- Meet a Penguin 
- See the Northern Lights 
- Stay in a Berber camp in the middle of the Sahara 
- Visit New Caledonia 
- Couchsurf at least once
- Help protect an endangered species 
- Volunteer 
- RV through Route 66, USA with mum and dad 
- Visit Machu Picchu
- Experience La Tomatina, Spain
- Visit the beautiful Santorini, Greece 
- See Angor Wat, Cambodia   Completed 06/04/14 
- Walk the Great Wall of China 
- Visit Scotland 
- Hold a Koala Bear 
- Survive in the Outback 
- Go on an African Safari
- Experience the Venice Carnival 
- Go to Rio for Carnavale 
- Take a cheese and wine tour 

- Have a family 
- Take my kids to Disneyland - to every Disneyland, all over the world 
- Live abroad for a year 
- Go to see a Cirque du Soleil Show 
- Eat at a Michelin Star restaurant 
- Make a difference in someone's life 
- Own a good set of coins from all over the world 
- Send a message in a bottle 
- Raise money for a charity 
- Go to Hideout Festival 
- Get to the airport and jump on the first plane out. 

- Go Kayaking 
- Go diving (may have to be snorkelling as we don't do so well underwater!)
- Take a surfing lesson 
- Learn to snowboard 
- Sit in a VIP box at a Football match 
- Learn to sail a boat 
- Beat Dylan for the longest held plank!
- Ride a hot air balloon
- Learn to juggle 
- Go to the Olympics 
- Go to the World Cup 

- Learn a new language (preferably Italian) 
- Learn how to understand sign language 
- Learn to to read morse code 
- Learn / go to a cooking class Completed 18/03/14 in Hoi An, Vietnam Check it out!
- Finish a cross stitch design  

Professional (Blogging & Writing):
- Get to 3,000 likes on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest & Instagram
- Get published somewhere, anywhere!
- Get featured in a Travel Magazine 
- Host a conference or travel event
- Have my own website 
- Let the website be successful 
- Write an E-book 
- Find a job I am absolutely passionate about 

If you have any tips / recommendations on completing any of the above, please let us know! 

Happy travelling 
Shereen & Dylan 



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