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The Sleeping Dragons of Halong Bay - Vietnam

Written By The Travelling Postcard on 7 April 2014 | 10:28

We arrived early in the morning to Halong City and couldn't wait for our Halong Bay Junk Boat Tour, it had been first on my list of things to do in Vietnam and it did not disappoint. Unfortunately, the weather wasn't like I had hoped, I dream't of seeing crystal blue seas and instead I got misty emerald green which happily surprised me as I got to see the bay in a different light. 

The Halong Bay Junk Boat Tour includes a mouth watering Lunch

Our junk boat tour lasted about 4 hours, as soon as we got on the boat and left the dock we were served with lunch. It was plate after plate of succulent seafood! Coming from Gibraltar and having the Spanish tapas right on our doorstep, I didn't think any other type of seafood could surprise us and I was pleasantly mistaken.

Visit to the Floating Villages 

After lunch, we were taken to the floating villages where we were able to witness how families live on the bay on these floating houses. Incredible that they can survive on so little, such an inspiration for how we see everyday life back home. 

There was the option to kayak through the villages and caves or get a boat, we opted for the boat so we could all go together and enjoy the scenery ($6 per person). It was such a sight, peaceful and quiet with no sign of human life having ever disturbed these 'sleeping dragons'. 

We then drifted through the Bay 

After visiting the village we drifted through the bay and ended up going to one of the most beautiful caves in the region. At home we have the St Michael's Caves and these seemed like their twin! Was a beautiful sight and was a nice memoir of back home. If you come to Halong Bay, do not miss these caves! 

Finally, after the 4 wonderful hours we were brought back to the bay to get transported back to our hotel. A lot of people however, stay overnight at Halong Bay and I would have loved to do that, however, we booked the trip to Halong Bay as a bigger package. 

Your views on Halong Bay 

What were your thoughts on Halong Bay? Did you enjoy travelling there? 

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