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The moment we decided whether to stay or go.... then we decided to Just Make It Happen!

Written By The Travelling Postcard on 1 February 2014 | 12:51

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The fourteenth year of this new millennium is a year full ideas.  Make your ideas explode in your mind before creating the perfect blueprint.  Have you ever woken up one morning thinking that your dream is recurrent? This morning I woke up thinking this… was it dejavou or was it an intuitive speaking of the mind? I believe it’s the latter.  Enough spiritual talk… have you sat down and really had a think of what your travel plans are for this year?  The next eight weeks are fundamental in my future, lets call it the “Great Day” this precise day cannot come any faster. There are events in life which mark a new beginning, however it is up to each individual to actually change their outlook towards the current year.
A typical individual will work a 5 day week working around 40 hours. At the end of each week you only look forward to your eagerly awaited weekend or that summer holiday where you will spend 2 weeks roaming through beaches or cities.  I have come to realise that in only three years since I finished my studies in Plymouth, United Kingdom that working with that outlook in life is not in my agenda.  We all understand that in order to live a great lifestyle you need to resemble an adequate working life, nevertheless, have you ever thought of just packing your bags and leaving to a far away country where you can experiment to see what the future awaits.  For the past six months we have been contemplating our choices and it wasn’t until we landed in Miami that we decided that travelling was the right step for us. As a small time frame of the last eight months, the following travels made us decide to just pack our bags and pursue a different way of life.
MAY - Our only sole intention was to experience Ibiza’s opening parties, oh what an experience from the balcony suite at Ushuaia to Privelege’s opening, what can I say about it! You should experience it in 2014.

JUNE - The Month!  Our trip to Cancun was an amazing experience where we got to snorkel in Cancun's reefs and ride out in speed boats and enjoy its beaches.

JULY TO OCTOBER -  Although June was 2013's highlight, in July we travelled to Kent,UK to attend a graduation ceremony.  The two and half hour flight was perfect for us to realise that travelling was our ultimate ambition.  We created our travel route and chose South East Asia as our destination.
NOVEMBER TO DECEMBER - We all know Christmas is a hard time to save when in actual fact we all tend to spend money on presents and when you are us you tend to party!  Saving money got serious! We got engaged on the 7th December and spent a wonderful Christmas surrounded by family and friends.  With all the Christmas commotion, we still managed to pre-book certain tours and accommodation as a guideline to where we intend on visiting.
JANUARY - Nearly six months had elapsed since we decided to leave everything behind and start a new chapter in our lives.  We are still planning our final details before we embark.  We plan to travel differently and will be uploading hotel reviews as well as food ones.  I am a food enthusiast and cant help but just write about everything I practically eat.
Whatever you decide to carry out on 2014, just make it happen.  We travelled to 8 different destinations in 2013, in 2014 we plan to increase the number to 36.  A simple post will not persuade you to make your dreams happen, but I can guarantee you that our posts in the next eight weeks will certainly make you think about it.  Join us in your travels if you currently find yourself in South East Asia, we would love to share stories with you.  Watch this space as Shereen the Monopoly banker will write about Saving Money and how we managed to make our dream happen.

Safe Travels Everyone



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