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The Postcards impression on Gibraltar’s Frontier Delays

Written By The Travelling Postcard on 20 February 2014 | 09:52

Gibraltar Border 

The Postcards Impressions

An impression or opinion is brought about by many voices sharing their ideas or concerns,  it is for this same reason that we have decided to create “The Postcards Impression”… this will enable us as writers to share our thoughts on occurring events happening in all parts of the globe.  This week would like to share our opinion on how Gibraltar, a mere 30,000 in population and not even 7 square kilometres is dealing with a diplomatic row with the Kingdom of Spain.  Please do not be dettered by this, this post does not share any political affintity whatsoever, we are just travel bloggers who wish to express the wonderful features Gibraltar offers travellers.

A history of tales between Gibraltar and Spain

A brief history before we start, Gibraltar has been British for over 300 years and ever since Spain has been trying to regain power of Gibraltar.  They have even agreed to share soveringty alongside Britain, this was abundantly refused by the people of Gibraltar in a referendum held in 2002.  Ever since, Spain exerts pressure on Gibraltar in a less than political way by actually initiating stringent border checks which can cause chaos in Gibraltar as queues stretch back along our roads.  Last July saw the start of events which have caused certain media to portray Gibraltar as a destination in chaos with the ideology that “Once you go in it will take an enternity to go out”.  Well my fellow readers, this assumption is far from the truth, Gibraltar remains as one of the most visited destiantions along the Mediteranean and a tourist hotspot due to its vibrant history and wonderful features.  Of course we must be vigilant that stringent border checks have immediately caused the eye of the media to swoop over and have been portraying Gibraltar as a No-Go destination in the summer.
Gibraltar Border Delays 

 How the Media affects current situations ...  

Media sources normally exaggerate or depict no problems within an area.  Places such as Bangkok and Kiev are currently suffering from protests against Governments with fatalities to account for.  In occasions such as these, people will normally not visit as they fear for their safety.  As a vivid traveller myself, I would like to further mention that Bangkok is a safe place if you stay away from protests, I myself will be there in a few weeks time!  So I hope im expressing my opinion when I mention matters such as Bangkok.  Media footage wil normally deter people from visiting a destination if the place seems unsafe.  Apart from border delays which are not an everyday occurance, roaming in and out of Gibraltar is fluid at times and I can guarantee that your experience will be that of great gratification.

Gibraltar's unique and different tourist attractions!

Gibraltar offers travellers fantastic features that can't be experienced in other destinations.  Have you ever experienced crossing a live runway and actually watching a plane land or take off metres away from you?  Have you ever taken a picture with a semi wild roaming Barbary Macaque at the top of a limestone rock? Or even jumped onto a boat and visit the bottle nosed dolphins? Or even been in a cable car to to the top of the Rock and gazed 360 degrees across the gateway to the Mediteranean. My personal favourite which is actually possible, Breakfast in Gibraltar, Lunch in Spain and dinner in Morocco.  Three Countries , Two Continents, One Day!

Gibraltar Airport Runway - Traffic stops to let aircrafts through
Barbary Macaque found at the Top of the Rock
Bottle nosed Dolphins found in the Bay of Gibraltar
Views of Africa 
Upper Rock Nature Reserve Gibraltar 
Views of the Rock from Morocco
The Straits of Gibraltar 

The possibilities are endless, visit us in the future as the animosity is all created by politicians and the media.  The people of Gibraltrar and Spain would simply welcome you to our region, full of wonderful experiences and a travel adventure you will soon not forget.

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In the next few weeks we will be sharing more on The Postcards Impressions to further understand different cultures, we will soon be trying to get your opinion on matters which make the headlines which you think needs to be shared.

In the meantime, please let us know the following:

What are your perceptions of Gibraltar? Especially for the American readers which I know follow us.. a big Gibraltarian Hello and thanks to you!

Secondly, If you have heard of Gibraltar border delays let us know your thoughts on the matter, we sure want to know!

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