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Be a GoPro Enthusiast on your travels‏

Written By The Travelling Postcard on 15 January 2014 | 18:54

With our travel itinerary just round the corner, we both decided this Saturday to make haste and buy one the acclaimed GoPro cameras which are just a dime in disguise, how can a gadget so small release so much fun and life!  Living in Gibraltar has its bents when it comes to buying techno gadgets as I like to call them.  With a planned 4 month tour of South East Asia in less than 8 weeks we decided to buy the GoPro Hero 3 Plus Camcorder - Black Edition (12MP, Wi-Fi)  which was released not so long ago.  

We took the Main Street area busy with tourists flocking from abroad in search of this gadget which would supplement our trip quite happily.  If you are ever in Gibraltar you may find it interesting to know that products here, especially technological, are VAT free therefore, you do not pay the retail price of £359.99 but you do pay £299.  When you come to think about it, that could get you accommodation for two weeks in Koh Phi Phi when you make the difference in price.

We were winning on a Saturday! Oh what this camera can do guys, not only is it lighter, smaller and gives a sharper image than the previous HERO this camera can do anything from time lapses to go 40 meters under water!  Its improvement in battery life means that you can actually be filming footage of your travels without having the hesitation to charge it up as often as its previous versions.  One of the most important highlights is the fact the GoPro HERO 3+ adjusts to low light, you can now film when the sun has peacefully set and twilight appears!

You may be asking why is this important to travel, well its simple, they have updated their smartphone app to works an astonishing 4 times faster with the cameras in built WI-FI to make previewing and sharing videos and photos faster than ever.  Just imagine you want to share your videos with your blog followers as quickly as you finish a trek or an adventure, just connect onto a WI-FI and there you go.  Videos sharing is becoming a trend rather than a fab, more and more bloggers are now using video sharing to reach their audiences.  I for example will be sharing an amazing time-lapse of a sunset at the entrance to the Mediterranean.  Watch this space.

By interacting via videos people who are sitting at work looking forward to their summer holiday, your shared video of an elephant ride or a bungee jump in Thailand could inspire them to discover their own destiny and take the plunge as we did.  I certainly believe it is not the same to write about your travels when you could compliment your blog with a shared video of what exactly you did today.

If you feel you have any video you would like to share with us please send it over to us and we will display it in our blog, we cannot wait for our trip with our brand new GoPro Hero 3+.  Be sure to stay tuned with us as we will be posting daily updates of our trip.  In the mean time we will be going to Milan for a three day trip of what I believe is Italy's most cosmopolitan city.

I nearly forgot, I will be updating a post showing you Gibraltar's most wonderful attractions, I have already written about them before, I now want to show you via a video. 

Some of our favorite GoPro accessories:

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If you have any Go-Pro hints & tips, please share them with us!

Safe Travels everyone.


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