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Tat Kuang Si Park in Luang Prabang, Laos

Written By The Travelling Postcard on 29 September 2014 | 23:22

Get away from the heat in Luang Prabang by visiting the waterfall in Tat Kuang Si Park

The morning before visiting this place we went to see the elephants and bathe them, super duper fun, but mean't being in warm temperatures. Visiting this park in the afternoon was the perfect compliment to the day as the park has something for everyone. 

There is ample parking spaces for when you get to the entrance area of the park, there are people of all ages coming to this as part of their day trip, from families to school groups to tour groups and all to enjoy the cool surroundings of the lagoon. 

At the entrance to the park you are welcomed with an information centre, where you can see the park map, use the bathrooms and buy some refreshments to take up with you. You need to pay a small entrance fee (40,000 Kip for us both, equivalent of approx £3) but is well worth it and you are then greeted with the Bear Rescue Centre. 

The Bear Rescue Centre 

You would never have expected a bear rescue centre in the middle of this park as soon as you walk in, but nonetheless, there it is and its an incredible feature making you feel even closer to nature. 

The bears are quite happy in the reserve and the location is nicely set up to tell you the story of each of the bears kept there and what happens to them after being rescued. 

Enjoy the 20 minute trek to the summit - Start on the Right!

Once you pass the bear rescue centre you continue the path onto the waterfall, the waterfall cascades onto several levels meaning the park is divided into 3 or 4 sections. Most of the group we were travelling with decided to head straight to the lagoons to have a swim, however, Dylan, an Australian couple and I decided we wanted to check out the entire park before doing that. 

Part of the nature reserve includes a trek all the way up to the beginning of the waterfall and we decided this was something we had to do, to see the views at the top. As soon as we were about to start our ascend, a man told us going up on the right and coming down on the left of the waterfall was the best route to take and we did just that as we realised once we started the walk, that the right hand-side is a bit too steep to walk down through.  

The Park is a great pass time for families and school groups too

There are picnic tables at each level of the park making it incredibly comfortable for families and school groups to bring their own lunches and spend the day at the site, especially in warm weather. 

Once we came down from the trek, we literally threw ourselves in the lagoon as the heat was too much, but it was incredibly fun to do, as on some parts of the lagoons you could jump off trees into the water!

Please double check the weather reports for this site as we attended on the 28th March 2014 and the waterfall was quite filled up with water, in other instances, there may be less water, making it hard to bathe in. 

Please let us know if you have been here? What were your thoughts on it? 

If you are in the area, make some time to check this peaceful place out. 
Happy Travelling 

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  1. Your blog sharing is too interesting. Recently I enjoyed this before my bus tours grand canyon. I had a great experienced with the fall visit. Kuang Si Falls is one of the tourist’s favourite water falls in luang Prabang. I enjoyed there many things but the swimming, in the pool is one of the top activities. The gorgeous fall can be accessed through the trail. Next month my entire family are planning to enjoy this spot. Any suggestion that you want to give me would be much appreciated there.

  2. Hello Faikka, many thanks for your following! Please let me know if your family enjoyed their trip to the falls? Its a great place to spend the day!