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The Cost of Travelling Singapore for 4 Days

Written By The Travelling Postcard on 11 February 2015 | 00:01

So you are travelling through Koh Phi Phi, sat on a tug boat with twenty other travellers and you hear them mention Singapore. First thing I hear is that they spent nearly all of their time in McDonalds because everything was just too expensive... We freaked!

Nevertheless, we had heard good things about the place and couldn't resist going, so glad we did!

Here is our complete day by day breakdown of what we spent and we managed to do a bit of everything, including Universal Studios and the Singapore Night Zoo!  

Four days in Singapore on a budget included: 

Hotel: Bunc @ Radius Little India

We stayed in Little India as it was the most economical hostel we could find at the time for June and we could not complain one bit as it was perfectly located in the heart of the city. It was one of the few hostels we stayed at during our time and the experience was great! The only thing we didn't quite like was the gentleman we had to room with couldn't stop snoring and that's obviously nothing to do with the amenities or quality of the hostel. 

There were several types of rooms and we chose the one that housed about 30 people (16 bed), mixed gender. The great thing about this place was that we could purchase a double bed bunk, which mean't we didn't have to sleep far away from each other, great for first time hostel guests. 


Our stay here included continental breakfast that you could have in a dorm-recreational type reception. Mainly toast and cereal on the menu, but great for the price we paid in what is mean't to be one of the most expensive cities in the world. 

Four (4) nights B&B at Bunc @ Radius Little India = £89.00 for 2 people. 
Doesn't include the $20 (Singapore dollars) deposit we needed to give for our keys (we got them back though!) 

Food - Lunches, Dinners and Snacks!
(Singapore Dollars - for 2 people)

Day 1 - $35.00 
Coffee at the famous Arab Street 
Snacks for the room

Day 2 - $115.00
Lunch at the well known Maxwell Hawker stall (great cheap vibrant place!)
Tea at High Society Cafe in Marina Bay Sands 
Dinner at Hooters (after months of Asian food, we fancied some Western when we saw it!)

Day 3 - $93.00
Light Lunch 
Snacks for Universal Studios 
Dinner within Universal Studios park 

Day 4 - £65.00 
McDonalds Lunch (we had to!) 
Dinner at Bongo Burger within Singapore Night Safari 

This brings our food to a total of $308.00 for two people. Roughly totaling £150.00 for two people, £18.75 per person per day. Not bad at all! This could have been cheaper if we had not eaten in so many restaurant chains. Hawker stalls are plenty throughout Singapore too! 

Activities - Museums, Zoo's & Universal Studios! 

We were not going to go to Singapore and not enjoy the various attractions, so here is a list of places we went to and how much each cost us: 

Singapore Museum: $20.00
Universal Studios : $146.00
Cinema : $29.00
Night Safari : $90.00 (including transport)
Arcade : $5.00 

Finally, Marina Bay Sands Observation Deck, something truly spectacular happened here, we were just about to buy our tickets, when a mother and her two sands were walking out of the information booth. She turned to us and happily gave us her unused tickets to go up! We had never been so thankful and kept a smile on our faces the whole day. 


All this totalled $290.00 - Roughly £140.00 for us both. Considering we spent four whole days, we were never bored and managed to do a bit of everything from cultural museums to turning into a kid again and visiting the zoo!

The Final Tally

After four days in Singapore the total spent was: 

Hotel: £89.00 
Food: £150.00 
Activities: £140.00 

Total: £379.00 - just under £100.00 a day for us both! 
We then spent about £16.00 to get from the Hotel to the Airport on our final day, so much more convenient than getting public transport.

If you'd like to travel Southeast Asia, but don't want to do it alone, G Adventures create amazing packages. We actually went with them throughout Vietnam and can say it was one of the best experiences we had in those two weeks, the amount of friends we made in such a short time is something we will cherish forever. 

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