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Welcome to The Travelling Postcard!

Written By Unknown on 3 January 2013 | 12:02

Hello and welcome to the travelling postcard. I’m sure that the first thought that has popped into your minds at the moment is why the travelling postcard? It’s simple, postcards travel from one place to another, the same as its sender. We have realised that travel blogs don’t need to be limited to a simple experience and a courteous travel tip. The Travelling Postcard will entice you to visit that special place, our aim is simple, we love to travel and our enthusiasm is portrayed in our entries. As well as our posts we would like to gather a feel of other postcard buddies out there who still use the traditional way of contacting their loved ones, you may want to share your experiences with us! Every time the Travelling Postcard travels, a new journey is experienced.

Follow our posts in the next few months as two individuals travel through Europe in search of its finest places to visit, from luxury travelling to its most simple forms. Think Local, Act Global. Europe has a great deal to offer, the far reaches of the world may indeed offer unique experiences not known to many. We are in the belief that Europe has fascinating places which truly resembles how the old world is of real interest.



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