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La Bella Italia Pt 1. Location, Location, Location

Written By Unknown on 8 March 2013 | 13:19

A few weeks back both my partner and I decided to go and travel to the best destiantions in western Europe.... Our experience unique and exciting, may I say Europe offers much more than anyone can imagine.  The common notion of a European tends to be " hmm lets travel to the new world" I guess they are right when you think about it.  Travellers from the new world, wait... let me make this clear, when I use the term new world I am talking about Nothern and Southern America... I bet you all knew anyway.... well where was I... yes, I guess travllers from America may think the same as a European only that they want to discover Europe.  For these far away readers I salute you all the way from Gibraltar, Greetings.

Nevertheless, back to the story... We travelled to Italy first in the last week of January.  Our experience was one not from a tourist but from a local.  We had researeched thoroughly into Roma or Rome and what we experienced was simply wonderful, from the gastronomy to the most important attractions, Rome offered everything a young travller is looking for.  We decded to stay in Eur, a district in the south of Rome where if I may say has nothing to offer apart from a fantastic congeress hall offering the best in concert shows, a little more about that later on for all you David Guetta enthusiasts.

We decided to stay in EUR as we had booked tickets to see David Guetta in concert, due to its proximity we stayed in a nearby hotel. First impressions were appaling and lets just leave it at that as the hotel room was worse than a shoebox, with no computer to use in the lobby to check for alternative places.  The next day we grabbed our belongings and moved into the centre.  If you ever travel to Rome do not stay near or close to the Trevi fountain or the Vatican, it can result costly and for a much reduced price with equivilant service or more, stay around 15 minutes away from the centre, after all you are just 5 minutes away in Metro, must I commend the service, always efficient and cost effective, 2,60 Euros for three hours.

Finally, we stayed at the Metropolis Hotel on Via delle Milizie, the best thing we did was move! Beautiful, classy and elegant. Not fully in the city centre, but close to the Metro Stations and a lovely 10 minute walk from the Vatican City. Staff were professional and very helpful.

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The Beautiful Vatican City

Hotel Metropolis, Roma
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