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Bella Italia Pt 3. Food Glorious Food

Written By Unknown on 21 March 2013 | 11:22

When in Rome do as the Romans do, that was our motto, or at least something like that, we wanted to endure everything Romans endure in the capital, coming from a small place like Gibraltar we ventured out through the city and I mean ventured, we walked the whole darn city.  I was about to undertake a strict diet when I got back home, so this was my “eating like a dog” weekend.  We tried the best Italian restaurants with all costs included, this will save you a ton of money, do not attempt the tacky restaurants offering the typical 3 course menu, you will end up paying service charges galore... try these restaurants, they will literally make you fall in love with Rome

Restaurant La Montecarlo, located at Vicolo Savelli street, this locally run restaurant offers the best Italian dishes in town along with the biggest pizzas I have been served in ages. Thinly crusted but with the essential flavours needed to make it a Mama Mia moment... we sat down in awe as we noticed the wall was full of famous icons such as Valentino Rossi and renowned celebrities from around the globe.  Try the Calzone it is to die for... my partner loved it.

One evening we visited the Spanish steps, if you are visiting in the cooler months I suggest you visit during the night time, less crowds of groups and an even better nightlife, as you go down the steps onto your left carry on walking for 2 minutes, take a left and you will Ristorante Alla Rampa... a wide array of fresh sea food and the best of Italian gastronomy awaits you, if you enjoy red wine, choose the only one in the wine menu, it is simply wonderful to compliment your carne ala Genoese...

You just never feel complete without a set of sweet treats, for this same reason one day we had travelled far into the depths of Rome when a surprise blanket of rain started falling upon us. We searched the tiny streets and then found this quaint little delicatessen where we ran for safety.  We were surprised to see how we were served the best savouries, especially white chocolate canolies which were to die for.  If you're ever lost or running away from the rain in Rome, simply enter one of the cafeterias and ask for canolies, you certainly wont be dissapointed.
If I were to describe Rome in two words I would put it as "simply amazing" everything to it is wonderful, from its cusine to its history to its sites of interest.  Rome will always be Rome and all roads will lead to it, however, if you ever decide to visit please don't just do it for a day, there is much more than you can imagine throughout its entire city. 
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