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Bella Italia Pt.2 Discover the Attractions

Written By Unknown on 20 March 2013 | 17:48

We thought it was time to visit some of the most notable features of the city... The fountain of Trevi, the Coliseum and the Roman Gardens...oh I almost forgot the art museum based in plaza Navona, a little trick for young adults is to ask for the student ticket, just let the gentleman behind the desk know that you are a student, he receives you with open arms!

Well back to the Coliseum... worth every penny, if you are interested in heritage and the Roman legacy visit this fantastic landmark, although you might have to queue up in line the price is not over exaggerated, for under 25 years of age, we paid 12.50 Euros each and the ticket was valid for two days.. the ambience of the place along with its backdrop makes the coliseum one of the greatest places I have ever visited.

The Trevi fountain was next in our agenda, although a myth if you throw a Euro coin along with a pinch of salt over your right shoulder, luck will prevail you... so ahead we went and tried it... full as it always is the main feature being the fountain sits awkwardly in the backdrop as it is surrounded by buildings... this makes it ever more impacting... beware of the what I call them the “scamsters”, the gentlemen who try and sell you literally everything might try and trick you into buying a quality product when in actual fact they are broken items,  only want to assure you of this, because we experienced it firsthand.

One evening we visited the Spanish steps, if you are visiting in the cooler months I suggest you visit during the night time, less crowds of groups and an even better nightlife, with street sellers and people sitting on the steps enjoying a relaxing night out.

If you have time in Rome, our favourite activity was just to meander through the quiet cobbled streets of the city without a map, truly feeling like a Roman and completely taking in its breath taking culture. Walking through a city like this makes sightseeing that much more exciting and adventurous as you end up discovering the little gems of Rome not listed on any top 10 place to see or thing to do. We actually stumbled across a lovely town market doing this located just behind the Forum Romanum.

Our Top 10 Places not to miss :

1.     Coliseum

2.     Trevi Fountain

3.     Spanish Steps

4.     Forum Romano

5.     Palentine Hill

6.     Piazza Navono

7.     Vatican City

8.     St Peter’s Basilica

9.     Pantheon

10.  Piazza di Spagna

Safe travels!

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