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Gibraltar Restaurant Reviews

Written By Unknown on 19 April 2013 | 21:42

Calling all food lovers out there! If you ever travel to Gibraltar why not enjoy its wonderful gastronomy.  Many nationalities have visited Gibraltar in the past, they have certainly left an imprint in their gastronomy.  The following top four restaurants are certainly Gibraltar’s must visit.

Cafe Solo - Goat's Cheese Salad 

1.       Lying adjacent to main street is Irish town a side street to the bustling shopping area of Gibraltar.  A quaint restaurant under the name of Café Rojo, we have decided to place this restaurant on the top of restaurants.  Its décor and ambience certainly highlights what this restaurant offers its clients.  Restaurants thrive on good food and service, for this same reason both of these are on par.  Its elegant food and wine menu highlights the culinary indulgences of the region along with the best of wines.  If you do visit this restaurant look for the duck, its sweet aroma served with a nice glass of rioja wine will make the evening unforgettable. 

2.       Casemates square houses Gibraltar’s hub of restaurants and bars.  Within all the restaurants lies Café Solo.  Although not first on our list Café Solo also deserves to be at the top of culinary experiences on the Rock.  A wide selection of Italian pasta and local dishes make Café Solo stand out from the other restaurants in the area.  In the summer, dine with the summer breeze as you sit outside with the buzzing atmosphere Casemates Square has created.

3.       At the end of Main street lies a restaurant which also deserves to be up there.  Mamma Mia, a locally owned Italian restaurant run by a local family offers the best of Italian food.  Being small in size, this certainly does affect its general setting.  Service is excellent and their knowledge about food is second to none.  The owner a true Gentleman will greet you with a smile and be the perfect host.  If you are ever in need of a different dish, dine at Mamma Mia’s, every bite will get a "Mamma Mia!" out of you.

4.       The fourth restaurant on our list is Charlie's Restaurant in the Marina bay complex.  Both an American dining experience and the best of Indian food can be tried at this restaurant.  Passage to India also features in its menu, a wonderful Indian restaurant based in La Duquesa Spain.   If you enjoy your barbeque food and big plates you will certainly enjoy a night out at Charlie's.  Its adjacent bar area can get you going for those after drinks on a busy night out.

All the above restaurants were tried by us and have no affiliation.  If you are in Gibraltar for three or four days I would suggest you pop into every one of them as you will leave with a nice smile and full stomach.

Happy Dining.


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