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Top 4 Tips when travelling to Andalucia!

Written By Unknown on 23 April 2013 | 11:24

In the last 12 years I have been moving around Andalucia more often than not.  Next time you visit this enchanting province of Spain, which may I say has to be in the top three of provinces in mainland Spain, bear in mind the following tips which may help you become acquanited to the Andalucian spirit.

Getting to Andalucia

Traveling from the United Kingdom and other parts of Europe has become easier in the past decade.  Airports such as Malaga has extended its routes as well as its terminal building.  Malaga Airport has become a very large airport fit for this modern influx of tourism in the Costa del Sol.  However, if you can avoid travelling to Malaga airport do so, its logistics is manic and you could end up taking over 1 hour in getting into arrivals.  My suggestion to you would be to either use Seville or Jerez when you travel to Andalucia.  These minor airports are becoming ever popular and are easily accessed from the Costa de la luz.  This coast of Spain is an area favourite for Geman holiday makers.  I would suggest you visit this side instead of the busy Costa del Sol which offers cheap and sometimes negative experiences to clients.  I have been to the Costa de la Luz in the past few years and to a local its a far better area than the already famous Costa del Sol.

If you have the chance to fly to Seville and then get transferred to Sancti Petri near Chiclana I would highly recommend this for you.  Its sandy beaches and brilliant nightlife along with its gastronomy will be the same if not better than the ever famous Benalmadena or Puerto Banus.

Bodegas Bodegas

Andalucia as you may well know is rich in wine and its food.  For this same reason you will have to try the different destiantions within the province which offer all the best wine cellers in the world.  The Domecq bodega is one of the most famous situated in Jerez, sherry capital of the world.  Do not miss a trip to Jerez as you will be able to enjoy fabulous horse shows as well as wine and tapas tasting routes.  The coastal city of CADIZ, known as the capital of the Cadiz province is situated in the Costa de la Luz region where you will enjoy its fantastic gatronomy as well as its charming people.  Another destiantion within the heart of Andalucia is Ronda, a town situated in inland Spain is set at the famous Tajo bridge... be sure to shout out down the famous gorge where you will here your echo for at least 8 seconds.

Avoid the "Tourist Friendly" restaurants

Like in any other destination in the World look out for the scam restaurants, like I call these restaurants as they will add their taxes as to how they please.  These restaurtants are located in seaside resorts and offer a set menu at a price only to see your final bill have extras included.  I cannot vouch for all restaurants but I have had a fair share in the past of which cannot be trusted.  If you have visited this wonderul area, why not try the typical Spanish restaurants set in the fishing marinas, one that comes to my mind everytime, is set in Estepona's fishing marina... the name of which I will unfold in another feature of "Anadalucian restaurants not to miss out on" this specifc restaurant offers the freshest sea food you will ever come across... be sure to make it early and not after 14:30 for lunch... you will simply have to wait in line.

Half and Full boards

Many hotels in the Costa del Sol will offer clients the half board or the all inclusive option when they book at an hotel.  Make sure this is a 4 or 5 star, the reason I inform you of this is simple, standards in peak summer season is not always a must in minor 3 star hotels and therefore, risks of health and safety come into place.  Be sure that your hotel offers this option at a reasonable rate and not at a very low rate.  Standards could be very low and will cost you a fortune to relieve yourself from that unwanted stomach bug.  Our suggestion to you would be to have the all inclusive service if you are looking to stay within the resort and have no intention of travlleing for lunch or dinner.  If you have the means, why not try the town or cities favourite Spanish tapas bar or restaurants.

The above hints have been rpepared for you in accordance to our experience which have been plenty in the past.  I am very accustomed to the ways of both coasts in Spain.  If I were to recommend you one I would certainly say the Costa de la Luz which is enchanting to all groups of any age and sizes.

Safe travels!
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