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A little town in the French Riviera

Written By Unknown on 9 May 2013 | 17:50


The best of the French Riviera...

Back in June 2002, I first visited this quaint lovely looking seaside town in the heart of the French Riviera, known to many for its cruise port of call and its wonderful restaurant terraces, this place has enlightened me so many times that I just simply keep going back to it.  Its close proximity to the luxury that is Monaco steeps it even further into being a unique destination.  I won't continue anymore without metioning its name... Villefranche - sur - mer if you ever get the chance to visit you won't be dissapointed if small quaint towns are of interest to you that is.

The coastal town adjoined to Nice serves as a port of call for many big liners as its gifted with significant depths, it has become the most visited cruise ship port in the whole of France.  However, if cruising is not to your liking I would suggest you find a cruise activity ship to the town before you visit as the town is best visited during the September months when the calid warmth of summer is about to be replaced by the Autumn brisk.  Sit down at any of the restaurants or cafeterias in its back streets and you will certainly fall in love, do make sure you sip a tasteful drink at precisly 19:36 or so where you will see the ecplise of the night turning the town into a romantic paradise.


Last September I last visited Villefranche and stayed at the Welcome hotel, my faviroute part of the hotel is the cabin suite located on the top floor where you will just gaze at the fantastic panoramic views across its bay.  It will be more than once that you visit its wine bar " Le Wine Pier..." its Spanish Rioja is enchanting. I must say the French people have it all that better. 

On the gastronomical side of the town I would reccomend this wonderful restaurant called L'Oursin Ble, its menu of French cuisine is simply out of this world. Presented finely, I must reccomend the Scallops with cheese, it will make you want to meet the Chef, who by the way an enchanting gentleman that makes regular visits to diners tables. Bon appetit.

The town also bosts of having both religious and histroical monuments which may be of great interest to those with histroic abundance, I would reccomend the small train that runs through the town if you want a panoramic tour.  Apart from these little mentions I have scrolled down here today, may I say if you enjoy scenic beauty, wine and franch cuisine, without a doubt Villefranche is your next relaxing destination in the Cote de Azur.

Safe Travels my fellow travellers



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