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Picture Perfect Gibraltar..

Written By Unknown on 17 May 2013 | 16:19

When you capture that perfect image with your camera a sense of gratification installs upon you.  For this same reason travel photography is an element of the tourism industry which yet had to be further developed, many companies around the world offer the chance for people to travel to remote places on the world to view and capture it at its best.  Digital photography is fast becoming an innovative form of travelling among enthusiasts and it is for this same reason that I would like to show you how Gibraltar and the South of Spain might be interesting for your next photography tour.

Gibraltar offers enthusiasts an array of possibilities in terms of photography, whether you enjoy panoramic or you simply like to capture the perfect portrait picture.  Gibraltar is a tiny peninsula situated in the Southernmost tip of Spain and has been a British colony since 1704, it is a place steeped in history and is well known for its 426 metre high Limestone Rock and the Barbary Macaques.  Although these are Gibraltar’s main known features, I can assure you that this place will astound you beyond imagination.  If you make the ascend up the rock to its 412 metre high accessible places you will be able to capture how brilliant of a location Gibraltar ever was as it stood at the entrance to the Mediterranean.  No wonder this was such an important fortress during the World War 2… Gibraltar’s tunnels housed General Eisenhower during the all-important axis vs. allies.  As you walk through these tunnels you will be able to capture how exactly the military lived day in day out.  Gibraltar has more tunnel roads than actual roads outside the Rock.

It is a place where you can capture a photo of 3 countries and two continents, I would say that is rather remarkable.  As you stand at the top of the Rock on the eastern side of the Rock you will be able to see the Mediterranean sea which blurs out into the far distance, on the western side you will gather a fantastic insight of Southern Spain and the all-important port of Algeciras.  However, the most fantastic photo is certainly of the Jebl Musa, part of the Rift Mountains.  26 kilometres from Gibraltar lies the wonderful continent that is Africa.  Morocco a fantastic place of which I shall also write about soon!

If you ever have the time to visit this world renowned piece of Rock placed at the entrance to the Mediterranean bring you digital camera with you. You will be amazed as to how enriched Gibraltar is in terms of capturing that right photo.

Check out soon for my next entry on Photography in Southern Spain, places enriched with cultural diversity and wonderful landscapes.

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Safe Travels my fellow travellers !



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