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Step into Gibraltar’s Upper Rock Nature Reserve

Written By The Travelling Postcard on 3 July 2013 | 11:31

Ever wondered what it must feel when you first gaze at the enormous limestone rock standing at the entrance to the Mediterranean?  First time visitors to Gibraltar feel different when they first set eyes on our Rock.  Locals are accustomed to the daily feature that is the Rock, but we should remember that visitors here are amazed with such an impressive feature which seems awkward with the surrounding setting. 

During my student years abroad in the United Kingdom I remember exactly that feeling as I approached Gibraltar in the 11:50 arrival from Gatwick, slight nerves and eagerness to arrive, then suddenly there it was…

It is for this same reason that this article concentrates on the wonderful features that are available on our Upper Rock Nature Reserve.  Upon your visit to Gibraltar, one cannot forget to visit the Upper Rock.  I recently travelled to the Reserve in search of a new experience, at first I did not know myself what I would discover different. The different sites as Apes Den and Great Siege tunnels have been vastly renovated which can now accommodate and feature more historical artefacts.

The amount of historical information gathered from the tour is immense; visitors to Gibraltar are guaranteed to learn about the many fascinating stories in relation to our history.  Not only will visitors have the chance to visit the sites they will also leave with a great recollection of history.  

To many Gibraltar is known for the Apes and its VAT shopping, however, Gibraltar offers much more than it actually meets the eye. Visit Gibraltar for its diverse historical knowledge, fascinating landscape views and most importantly visit St Michaels Cave, which is a natural formed cave with its own auditorium.

The most notable features which are worth highlighting are;

St Michaels Cave:

A visit to this cave will certainly intrigue your vision and mind.  The chilling breeze as you enter the cave is a relief from the outside warmth.  Once inside be amazed, it had been several years since I had last visited the cave and I must say that it astounds me every time I visit. Its formations of stalactite’s and stalagmites impress any visitor.

Apes Den:

Since its renovation Apes den has become a functional greeting place between the apes and the daily visitor. My experience was rather impressive as the bus driver was attending to the visitors as he  battled the Barbary macaques from entering the bus, all in all a fun experience and even greater to see  a smile on everyone’s face.

Great Siege Tunnels:

I was quite impressed with the Great Siege Tunnels recent renovation.  New artefacts make these impressive man made tunnels a more impressive feature within the Upper Rock.  The tunnels are equipped with modern equipment which certainly impressed a local visitor and from what I gathered my touring group were also impressed.

In conclusion to my visit to the Upper Rock Nature reserve, I must state that it is a pleasure promoting such a destination as Gibraltar, full of history and vivid in culture, Gibraltar’s tourism product is certainly heading in the right direction towards future visitor satisfaction.
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