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To go or not to go ... That is the question!

Written By The Travelling Postcard on 22 July 2013 | 12:25

Sitting on your chair, 5 minutes have just gone past Nine. Its that feeling cropping back again! As you stare out through your office window you may think more than once, is this what I really want from my life? It’s a major descision, travelling is a major step and for this same reason you may be thinking this exact notion as you read this post. You always think to yourself, if I have 25 days of leave and decide to travel on a major holiday a year it will take you around 15 years minimum to travel to the places you have always wished for. Is it better to just pack your belongings and just travel the world for a year or two? All these feelings went through my head before deciding that you just have to take the plunge. Of course, you may be leaving a life behind, and there is always that inner thought telling you different!

Think about it well, may it be while you jog or in your sleep. The most important underlying factor is that you only live once, there are several sites on Facebook which leave you in awe when you see places you have to visit in your life. It is possible to visit them if you just go. When we created both our website and blog we really gave it real thought as to why we would actually leave. After some opposition from myself, mainly because of certain issues which were important at the time, I finally decided that travelling be it for 6 months or a year, will be beneficial for your future career as you will encounter different cultures which will really make you open your eyes and see what really is out there! Two weeks ago, we travelled to Mexico to visit the Mayan Riviera, as we booked a tour to Chichinitza, we were told about the poverty encountered in the jungles of Mexico… it wasn’t until we experienced it with our own eyes that we really thought of how lucky we can truly be. An eye opener for anyone.. you can experience pure luxury in Cancuns resorts merely 1 hour away from the catastrophic poverty found in inner mexico. These life experiences make our travels more exciting and challenging at the same time. Check out our next post on Mexico this week.

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