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Where to Stay in Gibraltar? The World's First Floating Hotel!

Written By The Travelling Postcard on 25 March 2015 | 08:16

The Travelling Postcard was invited to step aboard the Worlds First Purpose built 5* floating hotel in Gibraltar. 

Sunborn Gibraltar is a new hotel in Gibraltar which has captivated a new concept in the hospitality industry! 

With its beautifully designed accommodation, elegant restaurant and five-star service, Sunborn Gibraltar makes the ideal setting for an indulgent break any time of the year. 

We managed to stay aboard this beauty of a yacht! Even though it is a yacht and all its features resemble that of a yacht. The floating hotel is actually moored to the marina hence it doesn't move! Wow!

Accommodation is luxurious with elegant bathrooms and superb private balconies and terraces. The hotel comprises of 187 bedrooms with 18 suites! 

The rooms have been designed to the highest standards with electronics features at its best! Imagine, controlling all your lights and curtains via a click of a button! 

Five star service and facilities are seen all around the hotel! A spa, casino, pool and 2 bars and lounges and an elegant restaurant are all housed on board! It truly is a small destination within Gibraltar! 

Now, being Gibraltar's first five star hotel prices are slightly above than other hotels. However, well worth it when you have breakfast included in the rate! What a buffet selection we endured! 

It was an overall luxurious and pampering night stay which managed to overcome our expectations! The Travelling Postcard cannot fault the 5 star yacht hotel because it simply is an experience to be loved when travelling  to Gibraltar! 

If you are travelling to Gibraltar and want to try this place out, book your accommodation here!


  1. I'm so looking forward to staying here in a couple of months. It looks gorgeous and I love places that offer something different the normal hotel. Staying on a yacht will certainly be different!

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