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What to do in Bangkok? Be part of the Hangover Wolf Pack! Visit to Lebua at State Tower.

Written By The Travelling Postcard on 5 March 2015 | 21:05

So you are in Bangkok, Thailand you stroll Khaosan Road, visit the Grand Palace and enjoy some street food ... now what? Take a trip to the Lebua at State Tower for a perfect sunset view of the entire city. 

Lebua at State Tower, Hangover set!

After having been over a month on the road, travelling with a backpack and wearing nothing but baggy print trousers and vests tops we felt like we needed a bit of a change and thought of none other than the famous Hangover set!

Not even getting to Reception and there's a display of luxury cars waiting on the doorstep for you to just gawk at! We were incredibly worried we weren't going to be dressed appropriately for this kind of luxury, but turns out the dress code isn't too strict if you go late afternoon/early evening. 

Entrance to the Lebua at State Tower, Bangkok

We were escorted through the lifts and taken to the 63rd floor a.k.a The Hangover Set! This incredible Sky Bar is host to the now famous 'The Hangovertinis' cocktails - a cocktail created for the cast of The Hangover whilst they were shooting the movie there and which, since then, has become quit the signature drink - I obviously fell into this celebrity starstruck gig and had one! 

View from the Lebua at State Tower, Bangkok
View from the Lebua at State Tower, Bangkok
As you can imagine with a five star hotel comes five star prices and this is something we weren't too keen on, but you honestly pay for the view. I highly suggest you go at sunset to watch the beautifully lit sky fade over Bangkok's skyline. 

Two drinks at the 'Hangover Bar' cost us 1,400 Baht (£28.00), but worth every penny. 

Dylan and I are longing to get back to Bangkok just to enjoy a night's stay there! If the recreational areas looked amazing, we could only just imagine what the rooms were like! We will definitely be checking out the Lebua at State Tower, Bangkok on our next visit! 

View from the Lebua at State Tower, Bangkok
View from the Lebua at State Tower, Bangkok
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