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What to Pack for Travelling? Five Top Tips For Getting Your Travel Packing Done

Written By The Travelling Postcard on 19 March 2015 | 23:10

Packing... people hate it, I absolutely love it! As obvious as this is, it's the first indication that your adventure will soon begin! So even if you are going for 2 weeks or 6 months, these are a some tips on things to take with you.
Trying to fit everything into a 60L backpack!

The top 5 ideas and advice we received for packing were: 

1. Buy a backpack that opens horizontally, like a suitcase. 
If you need to grab something that's at the bottom of the bag, you don't need to take everything out of it before you get to it. Sounds simple enough, though I nearly made this mistake!
We bought some Quechua Backpacks from Decathalon

2. Get padlocks that don't take keys.  
2 x TRIXES 4-Dial TSA Combination Padlock for Luggage Suitcases and Travel Black 
 You know the number code ones, but take two sets of the same lock. So you open your bag and leave the lock unhooked back in it's place, you start moving the bag about and realise the code's accidentally been changed. Throw the lock. Use the second one. You'd think this is something that wouldn't ever happen, well it did, to us. Yep!

If you wanna go for a lock and key, make sure you keep the second set of keys somewhere safe! 

3. Buy yourself a waterproof cover for your backpack. 
Apart from stating the obvious and covers your pack from the rain, it also works as a great water barrier from buckets of water thrown at you at Thailand's water festivals, just kidding... it's also a wonderful backpack safety at airports. Backpacks have a zillion pockets, cover the bag, no pockets free to wandering hands! Perfect. Something like this is what we took: Rucksack Rain Dust Waterproof Bag Back Travel Pack Backpack Poncho Cover Black (Large (60 - 75L))  

4. Take a guide book with you. 
We arrived at Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam at about 10pm, new country, new culture, nighttime arrival.... Was a bit overwhelming to us both. Make sure you book your first nights stay somewhere and make sure you have studied the city on that long ass flight.

We took this great Lonely Planet Guide which served us well all throughout Southeast Asia. It has great tips on where to stay, what to do and where to eat and was incredibly useful and handy as we had all our locations in one book.  

5. Get a Go Pro camera - Don't miss a single adventure! 
Even If you are the adrenaline junkie, sun worshiper or party goer make sure you don't miss taking snaps of all those memories your making! Take a good camera! Ours was the GoPro HERO3+ Silver Edition Camera/Camcorder with the chest mount and we managed to use it for all the above events as well as capture beautiful time lapse videos of incredible sunsets! 
Koh Phi Phi Boat Tour

Extra - buy a waterproof cover for your phone! 
Tubing in vang vieng, full moon partying in thailand, don't fear for your phone by dropping it in water! Get that phone covered and always know it's safe! 

Lastly, don't fill your backpack up too much. You will end up buying stuff along the way and you will want to keep hold of everything ... Carry light and enjoy the scenery a lot more! 

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    1. Hi Helen! It's great :) We want to buy some camping gear for this summer season soon!

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