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Five Things We Gave Up To Travel

Written By The Travelling Postcard on 5 March 2014 | 20:32

So as we embark on our journey in about 1 weeks time everything is suddenly dawning on us - fear, worry and excitement! I then started to wonder about all the things we have given up to travel and its pretty much every stable aspect of our life and that's when fear and worry crawl over me and shadow the excitement this trip should bring.

What we had to give up to Travel

Our Job

This is probably the most worrying aspect of our life that we had to give up. In order to travel about South East Asia we had to give up our jobs and in this current economic climate there is always fear of not being able to acquire a job once your travels (and cash!) have finished.

Chance of getting a house

Gibraltar is tiny, so houses here are sparse and expensive. Currently, Gibraltar is in the process of building new affordable housing, but no matter how affordable it is, we still won't be able to commit ourselves fully.

Our social life

In order to save money for travels we had to say a lot of 'No's' to friends parties and invitations. It killed us as we absolutely love socialising with family and friends. Dinners out had to be reduced, cinema trips anything and everything we used to love doing, had to be reduced or completely cut out from our lives.

Our private life

Again, in order to save as much money as possible we moved back into each of our parent's houses. So Dylan and I saw less and less of each other as the months have gone by!

Our commodities

Like I mentioned in our 'How we managed to save for this trip' post, we absolutely love shopping and spending on treats. I had to cut back on spending all my money on clothes and Dylan had to miss out on the ever so exciting buzz of getting the PS4 or Xbox One that was happening in November.

Will it be worth it?

We are heading to South East Asia in a couple of days time and I just keep wondering if this will all be worth it. At the end of the day, I only know that if I don't do these things now, chances are (once I do get a house and have children) I never will, so might as well jump and hope for the best.

What did you have to give up?

Tell us your stories, what did you have to give up? Was it worth it?

Happy Travelling!



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