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Hoi An - The best Spring Rolls in central Vietnam!

Written By The Travelling Postcard on 20 March 2014 | 02:17

This is an important announcement.  

As you may all know we are quite passionate about our food, up until now I have tried different combinations.  I am very pleased to confirm that out of all the lunches and dinners I have tried in Vietnam, I have to mention that the Spring Rolls at Bale Well, Hoi An are out of this world.

Wipe they give you to clean your hands has the menu on it!

Lunch at Bale Well Restaurant 

We visited the restaurant today in Hoi An, a lovely picturesque portside town which offers an abundance of tailor shops for those in search of tailor made suits and many restaurants which lie at riverside.  It wasn't until we organised a lunch at the Bale Well that my views on spring rolls changed forever!  The restaurant is run by a large family, the ladies run the front of house, each with their own wittiness of attracting clients to what the owner says is Number 1! You will hear her say that every time a client leaves the restaurant.

The menu is simple and offers Pork satay gently done in bbq, pork in bbq, Rice pancakes, Vegetables and chili sauce.  Get all these ingredients together and you create the best Spring Roll.  I had the luxury of having all 8 spring rolls done for me and even fed to me by the owner as she explained that I was handsome!  What a laugh!  The ingredients are as fresh as lettuce!  I really recommend this restaurant if you are in search of the best spring roll!

I simply have to mention to you guys that I will be revisiting tomorrow as I cant get enough of it!  Oh I nearly forgot to mention the simple dessert on offer.... simple chocolate mousse with fresh pineapple chunks.  Mix these bad boys together and your taste buds will be anointing you for the rest of the day!

So guys as I prepare for dinner, I simply had to share this experience with you and I really hope you visit Hoi An and this restaurant one day, you wont regret it!

Stay safe