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The Waiting game...

Written By The Travelling Postcard on 11 March 2014 | 00:44

Sitting down with Shereen by my side at Doha airport waiting for our connecting flight to Ho Chi Minh city. She is now resting by my side as I update you on our progress. 

We arrived at Heathrow on Sunday evening and spent the night with some wonderful friends in Epsom, 30 minutes away from Terminal 4. This afternoon at 15:00 we boarded Qatar airways, what an experience even though we obviously flew economy class, the five star service you receive from boarding to landing is fantastic. The inflight entertainment is simply out of this world. Both Shereen and I have flown on many airlines in the past but never this luxurious. What can I say about the flight? Not much really, all the entertainment was not put to good use on my behalf as I quickly dosed myself on my sleeping pills, I have to confess I'm not a good flyer!

However, one intriguing and curious feature I realised was that this airline has self dimming windows which act as the blinds! As you can see from my face, I was quite excited! Well at least happy 

As I previously said, we are now on a 4 hour wait in Doha, I am still contemplating going into the VIP Lounge,   40 dollars to enter for unlimited food and upto a 6 hour stay, not bad! 

There seems to be an abundance of people waiting just like us, people from all walks of life, some heading to exotic places such as Dubai and others returning home with many items in their plastic bags, it surely is exciting to think we are 7 hours away from our first stop, Vietnam.

In the meantime I will carry on sitting here thinking of our pending travels and what awaits us in South East Asia.

My tip: always buy a comfy neck support for long haul, what a beautiful invention!

Happy Travelling fellow friends




  1. Glad you made it to SE Asia - looking forward to spending the next few weeks travelling with you guys and reading your blog as you continue your travels xoxo

  2. Kara... thanks for your comment and nice words,... its a pleasure to join you guys as we venture out through SE Asia! more posts to follow soon! :)