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Greetings from Nha Trang!

Written By The Travelling Postcard on 23 March 2014 | 06:04

Greetings from Nha Trang!  Our first stop after visiting the buzzing capital that is Saigon or Ho Chi Minh City, as it’s known these days.  After having made our journey to Nha Trang via an overnight sleeper train we now find ourselves away from the motorcycle madness of Ho Chi Minh.

Before I get into detail about this post on what we did in Nha Trang, I want to give you some advice on sleeper trains.  Like I mentioned, we travelled up north to Nha Trang yesterday night and spent the most of 8 hours in a shared room with four bunks.  The experience on a whole was good considering you are paying not more than 25 dollars, if you come to think about it you’re saving up money on accommodation!  Just make sure you jump on the train from the origin as the train will be clean and bed linen will be changed.  If you happen to hop on in the middle of the journey you will find a dirty cabin which has already been used moments before!  So sleeper trains should be used from the place of origin... just a little suggestion.

We arrived in Nha Trang very early in the morning (about 6am) and so our rooms were not quite ready yet. Dylan fell asleep in the common room whilst I went for a walk around the area. The sun was rising and the streets were already full of people! I love that neighbours in Vietnam seem to have breakfast all together on plastic chairs and tables in the street. Our hotel was a 2 minute walk from the beach and it was a gorgeous sight in the morning! 

We only had a day in Nha Trang and so we decided to visit its theme park Vinpearl! Its wonderful for groups and families as it has a wide array of rides and activities happening all day long. I thought there was only a water theme park, but actually the park is divided into several sections of water and non water type rides. It also has a Dolphin show, which we thoroughly enjoyed and an aquarium which took my breath away!

The aquarium has two levels, the first is full of different sized fishes and creatures of the sea and the second was just absolutely mind blowing...It was one huge tank on which you stepped on a conveyor belt and it took you right through it! Here we saw sting rays, sharks and turtles... some parts of this tank also had mermaids! It was absolutely wonderful. 

The second highlight to this park is the white sandy beaches that stretched across the bay, the water was clear blue and had sun lounges and cocktail bars running throughout it. Really wonderful to relax and let your mind wander! 

Finally, to get on and off this island theme park you need to catch a Cable Car! It is the longest cable car over water in Vietnam and has incredible views of the bay. A really wonderful day out! 

The day cost us $25 dollars each and we spent the entire day there! 

The next day we really only had time to explore the beach front and found a chilled out relaxed restaurant with breathtaking views of the ocean before we started to head out to Hoi An. 

Let us know if you have ever gone to Vinpearl or Nha Trang and what you liked best about it. 

Happy travelling 



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